Tacos,Tequila & Dancing: TOP TACO Denver

Unless you don’t like tacos, tequila and dancing, there is no reason this event shouldn’t be on your schedule next year. However, you don’t have to take my word for it. I’ll show you in pictures why you should go.

Get Your Mojo on with Tacos in Lyons, Colorado

I’m big on ambiance and this place has it in spades. I love the tiny patio, but inside, the bar is pretty chill too. Mojo Taqueria has that “we’re pretty cool without trying” feel.

Eat Comida: Tacos in Aurora, Colorado

I realize that Aurora isn’t in Northern Colorado. However, I am at UCHealth Anschutz every quarter for my eye specialist appointment. We always schedule the appointment in the late afternoon so we can hit a nearby restaurant for happy hour and dinner. It’s sort of my little reward for the appointment.

Get the Al Pastor: Taqueria Los Pinos, Greeley, Colorado

I’ll just come out with it. This was the best al pastor taco I’ve had in Colorado. There, I’ve written it. And no, I wasn’t starving, although the fact that I got a carnitas taco, al pastor taco and asada taco would say otherwise. Plus, they give you a basket of chips, so yes, IContinue reading “Get the Al Pastor: Taqueria Los Pinos, Greeley, Colorado”