Get Your Mojo on with Tacos in Lyons, Colorado

May 17, 2022

I have been a fan of Mojo in Lyons, Colorado since first visited in 2019. They make creative tacos that are still recognizable as tacos. Sometimes, restaurants get too creative, and yes, there is a thing as “too creative” when it comes to tacos.

I’m big on ambiance and this place has it in spades. I love the tiny patio, but inside, the bar is pretty chill too. Mojo Taqueria has that “we’re pretty cool without trying” feel.

It helps that it is located in Lyons, a Colorado, town within a stone’s throw of Longmont, with mountain appeal. I’ve written about staying in Lyons several times on It has an amazing and colorful riverside tiny house hotel called Wee Casa Tiny House Resort.

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Last month, we stopped in and sat at the bar. I ordered an Arrachera taco and a short rib taco paired with a Bandit Brown from City Star Brewing. They are both very good but the short rib meat is melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Don’t pass up this taco.

Ryan got a fish taco and the gobernador taco and of course, the second was best because it included bacon. Bacon makes all things good, including tacos. It’s just a fact. Fight me!

There is a nice selection of tequila and mezcal here and if Ryan and I weren’t on the way to a whiskey party when we stopped, we would have imbibed. On a past visit, although I’m not much of a margarita drinker, I ordered one at happy hour, and in the sunshine on the patio it was refreshing.

I also ordered the yucca fries on my first visit which have ruined my experience with yucca fries elsewhere because they are superior to all other yucca fries that I have tried.

This taco joint in Lyons is worth a visit. Plus, the drive west on Highway 66 is absolutely beautiful at this time of year. And if your mojo is missing, you might just get it back!

Mojo Taqueria, 216 Main Street, Lyons, Colorado 80540

Mojo Taqueria on Facebook

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