Bowl Izakaya, Loveland, Colorado: Fast, Affordable Ramen

I haven’t been to Japan, but this is the kind of ramen restaurant I imagine is all over the place. It is a “Get it in my face fast because I gotta run,” kind of ramen.

This restaurant, tucked in between an Urgent Care and a smoke shop in a southeast Loveland strip mall, isn’t hard to find, but it’s overlookable too. It helps that there is this awesome sign out front.

I randomly stopped in for lunch on a Monday before shopping at the King Soopers grocery store in the same parking lot. It was almost full with just a couple of tables left. It was completely full by the time I left. They serve some other Japanese cuisine and there is a sushi bar too.

I have never received my food so fast, not even in a Mexican restaurant (and they can be super speedy). I ordered my water and my bowl of steaming Spicy Tonkotsu arrived a mere minute later.

I’ve had fancier ramen at various restaurants around Northern Colorado and it looked a little plain upon arrival. However, I liked the broth (which isn’t that spicy), and there are lots of noodles for those who love noodles.

It comes with a whole egg, which I like. Sometimes I only get half an egg and the soft-boiled egg is one of my favorite ingredients in ramen. The pork belly had a nice char on it and I loved that part but I’ve had leaner pork belly in tonkatsu ramen. Pork belly in ramen always makes me feel a little guilty.

The best part of Bowl Izakaya? This is affordable ramen. Including tax, my ramen was under $14, served hot and served fast. If a good, affordable, quick lunch is what you need, Bowl Izakaya is the place.

Also, the wine, beer (Kirin $4.50), and sake list look like a deal, so dinner and drinks should be on the agenda if you live in the neighborhood.

Bowl Izakaya, 1163 Eagle Drive, #A, Loveland, Colorado 80537

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Now go get your noodle on!

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