Tacos & Hot Dogs in Johnstown, CO: Yes, Please

I have a soft spot for restaurants in houses, so when I saw Los Rudo’s Tacos y Hot Dogs was located in a cute, downtown Johnstown bungalow, I was extra excited (although truthfully, I am always excited about tacos).

I’d wanted to try this place for months. When they opened, I got a message on Facebook from a friend who lives in Johnstown who wrote to me, “This place is the real deal. You have to try it.” You’d think I would have gone straight there, especially since the name conjures up an image of a thing I love, tacos, and a thing Ryan loves – hot dogs.

I finally got there earlier this month. Our friends Mechelle, Caleb, and Zea joined us. We were going to a show at Spirits Music Hall, a 90s cover band show, so several of us showed up in flannel. We were ready to rock! Well, until 10ish because that’s my bedtime. It was a 90s cover band, remember?

This was Sweater Destroyer, a tribute to Weezer. Next up was American Idiot, a tribute to Green Day.

We all met at Los Rudos for tacos and hot dogs. First of all, as I mentioned above, it’s located in a house. Second, we entered through the wrong door and found ourselves in an ice cream parlor. That’s right, this place serves up ice cream too. Mechelle’s and Ryan’s eyes brightened at this development. They are this group’s dessert lovers.

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We found our way to the main restaurant. It’s not big, just an order counter and a few tables looked down on by Lucha Libres, or luchadores, Mexican wrestlers complete with bright shiny face masks.

We ordered and sat down to a feast that included a Juarez Style Burger for Caleb that featured burger meat plus, ham, hot dog, bacon, and all the usual toppings.

Juarez Style Burger – How does he keep his figure? Photo by Caleb Mayfield.

Ryan ate a couple of hot dogs (wrapped in bacon) and a taco. Mechelle and I had plates of tacos and Zea had a carne asada torta. We seem to have gotten most of the things on the menu.

The verdict? The tables are small. We had to squish five of us around a table that would have been small for four. However, the food was good.

Tacos are $3, so it’s not a screaming deal, but not bad either. I tried a pastor, Asada and barbacoa. The consensus was that the barbacoa was pretty darn delicious. Ryan’s hot dogs were just $5.50, but he did eat two plus a taco.

More shows at Spirits Music Hall are in our future so I think there will be more stops at Los Rudo’s Tacos y Hot Dogs. Quite frankly, my Facebook friend was right, Los Rudo’s Tacos y Hot Dogs is the real deal.

Los Rudo’s Tacos y Hot Dogs, 208 1st St., Johnstown, Colorado 80543

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Now go forth and eat more tacos.

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