Phở Duy, Broomfield, Colorado, next to Great Wall Supermarket

This post is a little overdue. I went to Phở Duy last month for my quarterly blogger meeting with Dave Taylor of GoFatherhood, and Christian Toto of Hollywood in Toto. Of course, both men have lots of other irons in the fire too, so check them out!

Phở Duy is located in Broomfield, next door to Great Wall Supermarket, formerly Pacific Ocean Marketplace. It’s a relatively large Asian grocery store and I always stop in whenever I’m in the neighborhood.

I was early tp Phở Duy and managed to get a table for four, but the place filled up fast at lunchtime. In fact, at one point, all the tables were full. It’s super popular, so they must be making some very good Vietnamese food.

Because I had arrived early and was super hungry, I ordered the Goi Cuon Thit Nuong for $5.95. These were grilled pork spring rolls served with sweet and sour fish sauce for dipping. Super fresh tasting, these spring rolls hit the spot.

Dave and I both got pho. I got the medium of rare steak and well-done brisket. Even though it was a medium and just $11.95, the bowl is big. The large is only a dollar more and Dave’s large was huge. Without a doubt, the pho prices at Phở Duy are outstanding.

I had every intention of taking a photo of my pho decorated with Thai basil, bean sprouts and jalapeno, but we started talking and despite having carefully created the perfect looking pho, I forgot to take a photo so here is the original picture I shot. Thankfully, I got one picture of the pho!

I spent a lot our lunch hour telling Dave and Christian about the new company I was launching on February 1, Heidi KS Consulting. They already knew a little about it and had encouraged me to take the leap at our last meeting. I have written about my new small town consulting business at HeidiTown.

Introducing Heidi KS Consulting & the Future of HeidiTown

I would definitely go back to Phở Duy. The pho was delicious, had tons of meat, and Christian liked his beef and rice dish too. While I live an hour away, this is an area brimming with Asian restaurants and with an Asian supermarket too, it’s tantalizing for me. Plus, there are a lot of good tacos in Broomfield, so if I wanted to live in a more city-like lifestyle, this might be the city.

Phở Duy, 6600 W. 120th Avenue, Broomfield, Colorado 80020

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