Patio Delight & Terrific Tacos: Los Muertos in Fort Collins, Colorado

Patio Delight & Terrific Tacos Los Muertos in Fort Collins, Colorado. TacosandPho (3)

Well, guess what? This is one you have to get off the couch and go to. Los Muertos Urban Kitchen & Cantina may be located on the far side of the Northern Colorado world from me, but I will be there again real soon. Yes, tacos are good but I have one word for you: PATIO.

Even though we didn’t sit on it, their patio is wonderful, and I am typing this as snow is falling outside the window.

I met my friend from Visit Fort Collins, Katy, at Los Muertos Urban Kitchen yesterday for lunch on Taco Tuesday. She was also there for my first visit to RamaMama in Fort Collins early last summer.

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This Mexican restaurant is sort of hidden in a 1990s strip mall/office complex at W. Horsetooth and S. Sheilds Avenue in Fort Collins. I feel like every Front Range Community College Student should be here, especially for $2 tacos on Tuesday. The community college is just 4 minute south.

But I am getting ahead of myself. As I walked in, I was greeted by Day of the Dead decor, loud colors, and Mexican dance music playing. I immediately loved it.

The menu features everything from molcajetes to tacos, and the cocktail list is rather fabulous. We ordered sweet red sangrias. We just had one, after all, it was lunch!

They do table side salsa and guacamole here, so of course, we had to order chips and salsa.

Table side made anything is that it is fresh, and our salsa was no exception.

While the list of tacos is long, five are just $2 on Taco Tuesday including the pastor, chorizo, chicken, carnitas and barbacoa. Freshness is big deal here. They make the tortillas when the order is made. In fact, on weekends they will have a front of house tortilla maker, something I have only seen happening in a Mexican restaurant in Alamosa.

I got a pastor, chorizo and barbacoa, and conclude that this may be the best chorizo taco I have ever eaten. Los Muertos doesn’t skimp either, the tacos were very full. I liked the pastor second best (probably my overall favorite taco of all time), and the barbacoa came in third. But that was me! Their barbacoa is quite popular and the table next to me ordered three barbacoa tacos (and it was not their first time in this restaurant).

I can’t wait to introduce Ryan to this place, not only to sit on the patio and order the Molcajete Heart Attack with him, but Los Muertos has a nice list of tequilas and mezcals. Ryan will be pleased. The Heart Attack, by the way, comes with all the meats.

I am quite happy to have discovered Los Muertos Urban Kitchen and really wish that it was located right down the street from my house. Alas, that patio is calling my name, so I will definitely be back.

Los Muertos Urban Kitchen & Cantina, 1027 w Horsetooth RD #111, Fort Collins, Co 80526

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  1. Wait, we’re only supposed to have one sangria with lunch? Why didn’t anyone tell me? This explains a lot. LOL

    This looks delicious! I’m excited for patio season.

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