RamaMama in Fort Collins, CO: Put Some Ramen in Your Mouth

June 3, 2022

I have wanted to try this place for months After all, they have an awesome Instagram account that makes me want to eat that ramen. However, I avoid this area of Fort Collins now that I am over 30. Indeed, I am over 40.

I associate this part of Fort Collins with college students and difficult parking. Turns out that I was wrong about parking. The key to easy parking is to find space on Remington Street, where spots are plentiful. It’s a short walk to West Laurel Street. Cross College Avenue and you’re there. It’s actually rather easy.

Years ago, I had a discussion with a food blogger about ambiance. She said she did not let the ambiance or overall experience affect her review of a restaurant’s food. I am not that kind of blogger.

My mood, the ambiance, the overall experience, and my partner in this food adventure all have an effect on how I feel about the food. Now, if it is truly horrible food, I am sure none of the other stuff matters, but honestly, I have seldom ever eaten truly horrible food. And I’ll let you know if that happens.

I am telling you all this because I had a nice morning before heading to RamaMama. I’d left the house early to go to the Colorado State University Trial Flower Gardens on Remington Street before heading to the restaurant. I love these gardens. They are truly one of Fort Collins’ hidden gems.

It’s the perfect place to visit if you’re planning to do some landscaping. It’s also excellent for photography. The latter is why I go. I adore the colorful blooms, lush ground cover, and green grasses blowing ever so slightly in the breeze. It was not breezy on this day instead, it was weirdly humid. If you know Colorado at all, you’ll know we’re not known for humidity.

After shooting all the flowers, I headed to my lunch meeting at RamaMama in a good mood. My meeting partner let me pick the Fort Collins restaurant so I decided it was time to try RamaMama. I drove my car a little up Remington Street and parked.

The space is white and square with splashes of bright color, and the guy behind the counter was perfectly suited for selling us on this place. He even gave us sips of the saké slushy they had in the slushy machine. I gotta go back for happy hour! They have drink and food specials that will blow your mind (or make you think you’re back in college). Truth: College towns always have the best happy hours.

I had the spicy miso tonkotsu ($14.95) and my friend ordered the ramyun with tofu ($13.95), a Korean take on ramen. Mine arrived hot with pops of green from edamame and purple from pickled onions. The ramyun wasn’t as vibrant, but I was jealous of the kimchi because I am addicted to the stuff.

Spicy Miso Tonkostu
Ramyun Ramen

Maybe it was the sip of saké slushy, but this ramen was yummy. I always feel a bit guilty when eating pork belly, but the two pieces of melt-in-my-mouth pork belly in my ramen made me forget about it (for a bit). It was enjoyable ramen. And that happy hour – kimchi and pickles, togarashi tots with gochujang ketchup, bao buns and $3 beer – I just gotta go.

RamaMama, 120 West Laurel Street, Fort Collins, Colorado 80524

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Now go forth and put some ramen in your face!

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