Marcos Hot Dogs & Tacos in Longmont, Colorado

June 9, 2022

Long before I started this blog, in 2018, I wrote When It Comes to Tacos, Longmont is Winning on It was popular. In fact, it even got picked up by Google News and became one of my most-read articles of all time. However, I took a little heat for not including Marcos Hot Dogs & Tacos in the post. The fact is, I hadn’t gone to every taco shop in Longmont, that might take a year or two. There are a lot.

However, Marcos has been on my list ever since.

Ryan trying not to go into the St. Vrain River.

On Saturday, we went to the Longmont Farmers Market and then took Fritzi on a lovely walk along the St. Vrain River. It’s a beautiful farmers market and I’ve been going for years, but I will warn you, it is pricey.

By the time we were done with all those activities, we were hungry. This was the perfect excuse to visit Marcos Hot Dogs & Tacos, finally.

The place, a block off Hwy 287, and north of downtown is well-liked. There were people standing all over when we arrived and exactly one parking spot left. When we drove away, someone had created a parking spot on the sidewalk.

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We parked, got out, and got into opposite lines. There is a line for hot dog people and a line for taco people. Ryan is the first and I am the latter. The taco line was much shorter than the dog line.

I ordered the four tacos plate with single tortillas for $10. Ryan got two hot dogs for $9. There aren’t tables at this hot dog/taco stand, so we loaded back into the truck and drove to a nearby park to eat in the truck with the air conditioning on us and the dog.

By the way, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the staff at Marcos was very nice. With crazy lines on a warm day, I was impressed with their kind attitudes.

Obviously, I am a taco gal. I love them, however, these hot dogs are pretty amazing. They consist of a beef frank wrapped in bacon smothered in pinto beans. The dog is topped with onions, tomatoes, mayo, ketchup, mustard and cheese. They are so, so tasty and not as messy as they sound, although I wouldn’t recommend putting them down once eating has commenced.

As far as tacos, one can choose chicken, steak, pork, and something else I can’t recall (I should have photographed the sign). There is also a long list of toppings and of course, I recommend cilantro, onion and jalapeno. Lastly, I got red salsa instead of green. Red is always much spicier.

I got two pork tacos and two steak tacos (one was for Ryan). There is little need for double shells as the tortillas are lightly fried and hold together well. They were also delicious tortillas. The meat was a bit dry for me so I squirted on lots of lime and used lots of red sauce. Yum. Next time I’d order two red sauces – it’s addicting.

I do think that if I had to choose one, the hot dogs here are extraordinarily good. We’ve had Mexican hot dogs in the past and these are the best. The tacos are good and well-priced. I totally get why many people thought Marcos Hot Dogs & Tacos should have been in the 2018 HeidiTown post!

Marcos Hot Dogs & Tacos, 1647 Kimbark Street, Longmont, Colorado 80501

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Now, go eat a Mexican hot dog!

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