Tacos,Tequila & Dancing: TOP TACO Denver

June 28, 2022

Unless you don’t like tacos, tequila, and dancing, there is no reason this event shouldn’t be on your schedule next year. However, you don’t have to take my word for it. I’ll show you in pictures why you should go.

There is a mezcal tent. A MEZCAL TENT! I feel like I can stop writing here, but I won’t. Let’s just say that this was our first stop.

There are so many different kind of tacos. Seriously, everything from pulled pork to steak to fish. There was even ahi tuna tacos but they ran out fast due to a long line. I didn’t wait. because there were so many other tacos to eat!

There were THREE bands on TWO main stages and a smaller stage. There was also a DJ. Music is everywhere at Top Taco.

There was also this, which I posted on my Facebook page and asked for captions. These were the best:

“University looked to the barnyard to fill this year’s cheer squad.”

“What’s Tom Brady doin’ in Colorado?”

“With all that humans detained behind the fence .. General Davis accepted defeat with a salute to Billy .. who climbed upon the backs of his humbled foes to become .. King of the land.”

I think it was actually goat yoga, but I like the idea of General Davis accepting defeat with a salute to Billy.

Everywhere you turn there is someone preparing you another taco, or handing you a drink. Sometimes, you turn around to see these people:

At least there isn’t a goat on their back.

Did I mention that there was dancing? So much dancing. We LOVED this band, Groupo Kaoba. We watched and danced and ate tacos from the nearby food truck, Street Side Eats. They were our favorite band at last year’s Top Taco at The Stanley in Aurora. This year it was held in Westminster. I am unsure of where they are planning to hold next year’s event.

This Street Side Eats taco won best traditional taco and it deserved to win. It was my second favorite taco on the day.

My hands and therefore my phone got really sticky at this event. Totally worth it!

While the music and dancing is highly entertaining there was also this, which is much more enjoyable to watch than I first thought. Although, that may have been the tequila I had consumed.

As the night got long, the shadows got longer at Top Taco. Ryan and I were full of tacos and tequila and, had danced a lot. Someday I’ll write about the fact that we salsa dance (true story), but not today.

Ryan still had room for dessert which was ice cream with cute little churros on top. I think there was tequila involved somehow, but either way, it was delicious.

Top Taco has got the meat, and they’ve got a few flour tortillas too, which weren’t my favorite, but this meat on flour tortillas (which I threw away) was melt-in-your-mouth good.

I snapped the following photo late because who doesn’t love a hunk of meat??? Their tacos were a bit too cinnamon-tasting for me, but that hunk of spinning meat makes my heart happy.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t write about my favorite taco. It was actually the first one I had! It had this amazing green sauce and everything about it just worked. Torro Latin Kitchen + Lounge, didn’t win the best taco, but they were winners in my book.

To see a list of all the winners go to TOP TACO Denver on Facebook.

Top Taco is just plain fun. I don’t know what else to tell you that would convince you to go. It’s not the cheapest ticket in town, but if you want a night of purely delicious entertainment, GO. Although, liking tacos is probably a prerequisite.

TOP TACO Denver is an event by DiningOut Magazine. They provided my tickets to the event and for that, I say gracias!

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