Eat Comida: Tacos in Aurora, Colorado

I realize that Aurora isn’t in Northern Colorado. However, I am at UCHealth Anschutz every quarter for my eye specialist appointment. We always schedule the appointment in the late afternoon so we can hit a nearby restaurant for happy hour and dinner. It’s sort of my little reward for the appointment.

My history of eye issues is long and boring to anyone who isn’t an eye specialist. Did I say long? They aren’t pleasant appointments because I’ve been whisked away more than once at the eye doctor’s office for a completely unexpected surgery. So, we always hope for NO WHAMMIES.

Since it opened in 2016, we’ve been heading to Stanley Marketplace after eye appointments. It’s only about 10 minutes away from UCHealth. We’ve explored other areas of Aurora, but this is the place we’ve visited the most. There are multiple restaurants here, boutiques, and even a place that offers cooking lessons. Altogether, there are 50+ independent businesses in this old aviation factory.

The snow collected outside while we were warm inside.

Comida, which was once only a food truck, opened its location here when Stanley opened, and we’ve been eating tacos here ever since. It’s laidback, yummy, and has an excellent happy hour. I’ve noticed some happy hours have gone away, but not this one.

Today, happy hour includes some appetizer food items and two-for-one griddle tacos (regularly $3.50 each). Plus, there are drink specials.

Chips and salsa(s)

On this visit, we started with the chips and three salsa, picking Comida salsa, pico de gallo, and some sort of delicious cucumber crema that I would eat on everything. Ryan ordered a The Situation tostada ($6) and a Cameronas a la Diablo taco ($5). The first was slow-cooked steak over gouda mashed potatoes and the second was spicy shrimp over jalapeno grits. Yes, jalapeno grits. Where have these been for my entire life?

Ryan’s meal.

I ordered two griddle tacos that were sort of like a quesadilla. I got a Chimayo Chile Roasted Chicken and a Chorizo. The Chorizo was my favorite. It is delectable chorizo, not too spicy but full of flavor. Ultimately, it belongs in one of my epic breakfast burritos.

Heidi’s meal. Just $3.50 at happy hour!

We don’t usually order dessert at Comida, but last night we did and wow, it was good, and only $4. Desserts aren’t on the menu but ask your bartender or server what’s available. We got the truffles. Two were raspberry and the other two were rolled in some sort of nut. Anyway, they were sumptuous.

Dessert isn’t my thing but I can’t pass up truffles.

By the way, Ryan ordered the Irish Margarita that has whiskey and tequila in it. I am not a margarita drinker, but this drink was awesome. Plus, they don’t use that sour mix that makes all margaritas taste the same and brings on heartburn.

We never leave Stanley Marketplace without a few empanadas from Maria’s Empanada. It’s a delicious tradition. We always choose some breakfast empanadas and a few others. This time, I got a specialty one (The Sierra) with chicken, onion, and spicy chipotle. I can’t wait to eat it! I put an egg on the breakfast chorizo empanada this morning. Empanadas for the win!

Quartly, we have to be at UCHealth Anschutz in Aurora, so we make the most of it by eating. We frequent Comida at Stanley Marketplace.
Heaven in a case.

If you are in this area, stop in at Stanley Marketplace! It’s a feast for the eyes and stomach. Oh, and by the way, their lawn is home of Top Taco and those tickets go on sale soon.

Stanley Marketplace, 2501 N. Dallas Street, Aurora, Colorado 80010

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