Get the Al Pastor: Taqueria Los Pinos, Greeley, Colorado

I’ll just come out with it. This was the best al pastor taco I’ve had in Colorado. There, I’ve written it. And no, I wasn’t starving, although the fact that I got a carnitas taco, al pastor taco and asada taco would say otherwise. Plus, they give you a basket of chips, so yes, I ate way too much. In my defense, the chips were freshly made.

They were installing a new sign when I visited, so this place recently made the change over from being Tacos Y Salsa to the second location for Los Pinos. The first is in Evans, and no, I haven’t been there, I looked it up on Google.

This place is cozy and colorful. It’s not big, but it’s not one of those tiny taquerias either. I liked it a lot and not just because they have a salsa bar. That’s right, a SALSA BAR!!! I haven’t been to a place with a salsa bar in years thanks to the pandemic.

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Tacos are $3 per taco and diners get free chips. They had to make more chips, so I waited a very short time for a basket of amazing chips. Again, I do not write this lightly. It might have been because they were fresh, but these chips were perfectly suited for sopping up dropped taco meat.

I almost always order a carnitas taco, an Asada taco, and an al pastor. I’m not alone in my love of this al pastor meat. The server told me it was her favorite thing on the menu too.

I got red and green salsa, avocado salsa, and a little pico de gallo for good measure. The red is good on the carnitas taco and every salsa is good on a steak taco. I sprinkled cilantro and onions over the top of my tacos (available at the salsa bar) and that’s all the al pastor taco needed. No salsa is necessary.

I need to visit other taco spots in Greeley for this blog, however, I will go back to Los Pinos with Ryan. He needs to have the best al pastor tacos in Colorado. And so do you!

Taqueria Los Pinos 2, 1923 9th Street, Greeley, Colorado 80631

Have you had this al pastor meat? If not, go and then tell me what you think.

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Until next time, viva el taco al pastor!

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