G’s Tacos – Westy Gots it Going On

Last week, we went out for dinner with friends who enjoy tacos as much as I do. In other words, good people. They have moved into an area littered with taco and pho joints, in Westminster, Colorado. They have a lot of eating to do.

G’s’ Tacos – Westy

They live very close to G’s Tacos – Westy, and if I lived close by, I’d probably make it my haunt. It’s basically a bar that serves tacos. There’s a large open bar that takes up the entire middle of the restaurant.

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As soon as we walked in, I knew I approved wholeheartedly of their decor. It sends one message loud and clear, “relax and eat more tacos.” It sort of reminds me of a snowboarding and ski bar but instead of declaring a love of powder, it declares a love for tacos.

As you would expect, there are a lot of tacos on the menu. They have the classics like the beef, chicken, and carnitas, but then they have some non-traditional stuff like the spicy Thai shrimp tacos or the boss taco that comes with carne asada, jalapeno, and boss sauce (a sort of bbq sauce).

I ordered three tacos, which turns out to be more food than I needed, but I managed to eat it anyway because my stomach always has room for one more taco.

I got the rooster pig taco (pork, jalapeno, sweet sriracha sauce), the white trash taco (shredded chicken, bacon, ranch), and the carne asada (seared and seasoned steak). Honestly, I am not a fan of chicken tacos but I got the white trash for the bacon and ranch. My opinion is that most food items can always use a little of both.

I liked the carne asada best, probably because it was the first one I ate and by the third, the rooster pig, I was full but kept on eating. Listen, you can’t really go wrong with any of the tacos here, and with a full bar, leave room for a couple of drinks. Most of all, when you go to G’s Tacos, relax and eat more tacos!

G’s Tacos – Westy, 9100 W. 100th Avenue, #9, Broomfield, Colorado 80021

They have a second location in Commerce City.

G’s Tacos – Reunion on Facebook

Until next time, eat a taco and relax.

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