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Tacos Don Jose's Longmont CO Tacos & Pho (2)

October 4, 2021

In 2018, I did a taco tour in Longmont, Colorado. I decided, with the help of readers, where to go. Then, I wrote about it on HeidiTown.com in a blog post entitled, “When it Comes to Tacos, Longmont is Winning.”

A friend’s husband was reading Google News and there it was, my HeidiTown.com article on tacos in Longmont had been picked up by Google News. It got a little traffic.

The truth is, Longmont IS winning when it comes to tacos, although now that I’ve been to Brighton, it might be a toss-up as to which city has more taco shops.

I’ve been visiting Longmont for a number of years to eat tacos, buy cheese and drink craft beer. I should be trying a new taco place on every visit, but I don’t, because I have a few favorites, and I love, love, love a favorite.

Tacos Don Jose’s is definitely one of those Longmont taco favorites. However, they make a good torta too, and I can never go without looking like a pig because I order tacos and a torta. Pigs unite!!!

The tacos here are traditional with a lot of options available, but I always opt for at least one al pastor, as I did today. I also ordered a carne asada torta. Tacos are $2 each and tortas are $8 (and huge). I usually take one-half of the torta home and eat it the next day with an egg on it.

If I ever had a restaurant it would be called “Put An Egg on It.” Entrees would consist of traditional leftovers with eggs your way, although there are a few items I would insist needed an over-easy egg, but I digress.

Tacos Don Jose’s is located in North Longmont, sandwiched between King Soopers and Murdoch’s. It’s not fancy. Patrons order at the counter, get a number and sit at one of the white and red checked plastic-covered tables.

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The tacos are served in two soft corn tortillas, and I think they’ve been heated but not fried. They are slightly thicker than at other spots and have good flavor. I have always thought the meat at Tacos Don Jose’s is good.

My carne asada torta bread was a bit dry today, but I added green salsa to it and wow, that was a good call. I love tortas and wish they were on menus at regular sandwich shops. Alas, around here, they are almost exclusive to taco shops and Mexican restaurants, and even then, not every place sells them.

If you aren’t familiar with a torta, it’s a Mexican sandwich. The bread is usually a large roll that’s soft in the middle and slightly crunchy on the outside. This bread can make or break a torta. In my opinion, it must be pillowy soft on the inside. The best torta I have eaten is at Jenny’s Mexican Food in Limon, Colorado. A bit of a drive, but a fantastic torta.

The torta filling is Mexican-style meat (barbacoa, carnitas, al pastor, etc.), tomato, lettuce, jalapeno and mayo. Sometimes, the jalapeno is pickled and sometimes it is fresh. I get a roasted one on the side at several spots around Colorado.

Longmont has many more taco places. Do you have a favorite?

Tacos Don Jose’s, 2255 N. Main Street, Longmont, CO, 80501

Tacos Don Jose’s on Facebook

Until we talk tacos again, go eat one! And a torta.

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