Saigon Basil, Northglenn, Colorado : Hard & Fast Pho Rule

Today, as I have been doing quarterly for seven years, I met Dave Taylor and Christian Toto for lunch. We bounce ideas around, float questions, and eat. Basically, we meet to know that we are not alone in this blogging journey.

After the last lunch meeting with Dave and Christian, I was inspired to start this blog. I was driving home, and the creative juices must have been flowing because seemed like an awesome blog title that day in August 2021. It still does.

This time we met at Saigon Basil in Northglenn. Like most Asian restaurants, it’s in a strip mall parking lot. It was chosen for its proximity to our three homes. We haven’t really developed a super sound strategy for picking a restaurant other than location.

Of course, I ordered pho, because that’s what I eat at a Vietnamese restaurant. Specifically, I ordered #8, their rare steak, well-done flank and brisket pho.

I learned a very important rule about eating pho in a group. It’s best if everyone at the table orders pho or no one at the table orders pho. I slurped away, broth dripped down my chin and noodles slapped my face. Then, I had to contemplate how to put soup and noodle leftovers into a big cup without causing a scene. All the while, Dave and Christian calmly and properly ate plated food.

I usually eat pho alone, so this issue has never come up. Thankfully, most of the noodles and all of the broth made it into the to-go cup.

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This restaurant is right off I25, so easy to access. It’s $10.95 for a medium bowl of pho, which is a fairly big bowl, so the large must be huge. The soup has a lot of noodles. More noodles than I have ever seen in a bowl of pho. So, if you love noodles, this is the place.

The broth was good and the meat was plentiful. Next time, I will ask for sauce bowls for sriracha and hoisin because these are my go-to sauces on pho meat. Plus, all those noodles were calling for sriracha.

The menu is extensive, so you do not have to order pho, but why wouldn’t you?

Saigon Basil, 10605 Melody Drive, Northglenn, CO 80345

Until next time, go fill your mouth with pho. And as always, leave a note and tell me where I should fill my mouth with pho!

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