Getting Through the Pandemic

I do not claim to know much about Asian or Mexican cooking—I am an infant when it comes to Asian food and a toddler when it comes to tacos—but I know that expanding my culinary mind has helped me cope with this never-ending pandemic.

It gives me something to listen to during my walks, listen to while cleaning the kitchen, and listen to while folding clothes (see, A Book & Podcast You Should Download Today). It has given me something to watch (someday, I will blog about my favorite chef shows). It has also given me something to look forward to in a world that is oddly quiet… even now, in year three of this pandemic. 

I truly look forward to going to new-to-me taco joints, pho bistros, and now, ramen restaurants. 

I am not the only creative who has struggled during COVID-19. I had a bit of an epiphany while listening to the “Existential Home Cooking Dilemmas” podcast with David Chang.  It’s not just that I’m struggling with making an income, but when I am not traveling and exploring I feel stilted and uninspired. 

I find myself sitting on the couch, flipping through Netflix, Amazon Prime, On Demand, and HBO Max for unproductive minutes that turn into hours. I realize this is uncomfortably real, but it is my state of being. This is me. 

Las Vegas

Food is getting me through this, and not just eating it. I do not aspire to be on some reality show about obese people. It’s about learning new cooking methods and tasting new flavors. It’s about trying that little taco joint or hidden pho spot that I would have never discovered without starting this blog. 

I am seeing food connections across cultural lines. I am starting to genuinely believe that food will save us! Sports used to be the thing that would save us, soccer specifically, but I digress.

This was a path I had already started down prior to COVID-19. However, a worldwide pandemic meant I had plenty of time to dive in, and I dove. 

I’m not sure where this was taken, but it is in my photo gallery.

My husband, Ryan, is tired of the food talk, although he benefits from my culinary efforts. For instance, tonight, we’re having chicken tacos, but I am cooking the chicken in chipotle peppers, onion, and adoba spice. While I’m making up this taco recipe as I go, there is no doubt in my mind that it will be anything but delicious. 

So, food is helping. Just today I made creamy guacamole while listening to Bricia Lopez talk about moles on David Chang’s podcast. Now I really want to find a good Northern Colorado restaurant for moles.

We all gotta find something to get us through this pandemic. Right now, for me, it’s food (and beer). I won’t lie. Beer helps.

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