Tacos Al Cartel, Loveland, Colorado

Permanently Closed.

I want to preface this by admitting that I don’t usually go to a taco joint multiple times before I write about it. However, there are a couple of exceptions and this is one. It’s close to my house and I have been there a handful of times.

The first couple of experiences were very good. Yummy, full tacos, and excellent service. It’s $9.99 for three street tacos, an okay taco price. It is set up like a Qdoba which was what the space started out as, and has undergone a couple business transformations since then.

I like to sit outside on the patio, but now that it is too cold, we usually get tacos to go.

Last week, we went in and ordered to-go. I ordered the carne asada tacos and Ryan got the chipotle carnitas. His tacos were great and my meat was dry, and not in a good way. It had definitely been cooked earlier and had dried out.

Tacos are served with cilantro and onions as they should be in my illustrious opinion. Despite last week’s dry tacos, I’ll be back. The convenience of these tacos trumps all things. I do hope they do not become inconsistent.

By the way, Tacos Al Cartel has lots of different kinds of Horchata, so connoisseurs will be satisfied. I’ve never seen such an extensive list. They also serve California fries that fries smothered in cheese and carne asada. They look delicious, but I’ve only had tacos here.

Tacos Al Cartel, 1747 Rocky Mountain Avenue, Loveland, Colorado 80538

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Happy Taco Tuesday!

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