Benny’s Tacos in Berthoud, Colorado

If you aren’t familiar with Berthoud, you should be. I’ve written for their local newspaper, the Berthoud Weekly Surveyor, since 2006. For a while, I knew this town better than any other in Colorado. My work at the Surveyor slowed as HeidiTown and magazine work took off. However, I will always be a “reporter-at-large” for this newspaper. After all, that’s how I got my start in the writing world.

This is not my first time having these tacos, in fact, I went to Benny’s Tacos when they only existed in Longmont. Read HeidiTown’s “When it Comes to Tacos, Longmont, Colorado is Winning.”

Today, their location in Berthoud is convenient for picking up tacos to eat at City Star Brewery with a Bandit Brown Ale. I am a big fan of this brewery. BIG. However, as of three months ago, Benny’s acquired a liquor license so you can have a drink there too.

Benny’s Tacos serves up some of the prettiest tacos around. This is probably due to the fact that they garnish their street tacos with a slice of avocado. An order of four street tacos here is $10.99 and you can choose two types. I went with al pastor and barbacoa.

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This brick building next to Ace Hardware in downtown Berthoud has undergone many restaurant transformations. Today, customers of Benny’s order at the front, but the fact that it has cocktails and beer means it has the comfy feel of a sit-down restaurant.

There is a very full menu here, but I went with street tacos, of course. Barbacoa is usually my pick for a torta, but today I felt like a barbacoa taco. Barbacoa meat is delicious and if you haven’t tried it, do. It’s extremely moist, and a little fatty, but that’s what makes it moist! It’s YUMMO and these tacos were no exception.

The barbacoa meat did make the tortilla a little soggy but it held together. These tacos are served on stout corn tortillas. The al pastor tacos were good, but I liked the barbacoa best. I got the spicy salsa and it has just the right amount of burn. Of course, I can always do hotter, but this is probably about right for normal people.

I got talked into a beer by the nice man at the counter. 🙂

This won’t be my last time at Benny’s or in Berthoud. In fact, I’ll be in town again for a Surveyor meeting on Thursday, but if you haven’t been, Benny’s Tacos is a good reason to visit.

Benny’s Tacos, 535 Third Street, Berthoud, Colorado 80513

Benny’s Tacos on Facebook

Until next time, get some barbacoa taco in your face!

Happy Taco Tuesday!

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