• Get Tacos at Taqueria Ranch Alegre in Loveland, Colorado

    Gets Tacos at Taqueria Ranch Alegre in Loveland Colorado 3

    It is slightly embarrassing that I haven’t written about this place yet. I regularly tell people this is the best taco I’ve had in Loveland. We have been going here for many years. Of course, there are tacos I haven’t tried in Loveland, but of the ones I’ve eaten, this is my favorite.

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  • Want Tacos? Head to Silverthorne, Colorado

    Silverthorne Tacos

    It turns out, Silverthorne, Colorado, has got the tacos. I spent an entire day eating just tacos and was perfectly happy in the Colorado mountains.

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  • Do Best Lists Really Matter? And Other Musings of a Taco Eater

    Would your “Best Of” list really be a “My Favorites” list? Let’s face it, best is subjective and that’s why you won’t see a Best Tacos list here but I’ll tell you about my favorite places.

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