I Don’t Know Pho, But Here’s What I Like About It

I’ve said it and written this over and over.

“I am not a pho expert.”

I do, however, do homework. This article on FoodRepublic.com is very helpful, and a few things in it have remained at top of my mind whenever eating pho. For one thing, I always taste the broth before adding lime or any other topping or sauce.

Broth is the base of all pho. It usually takes a long time and is a source of pride for the chef. The honorable thing to do is to sip the broth before adding any ingredients that change the flavor.

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I think one reason I was attracted to this soup in the first place was that it is often accessorized with jalapenos. I think nearly everything can be made better with jalapenos. And therein lies the first truth about what I like about pho, it is full of flavor, or should be in order for me to like it.

I do not enjoy or intend to throw any small business under the bus on this blog, especially when I am not an official food critic. However, I know what I like and do not like.

Pho REAL in Breckenridge, Colorado.

While articles on the Internet will often say that pho broth should be crystal clear, I like the broth to be super flavorful and don’t care if it is clear. I like it to be spicy, and if you are able to read between the lines here on TacosandPho.com, while I don’t come out and declare a dish to be bad, it should be obvious as to whether I loved it or simply liked it.

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My goal here at TacosandPho.com isn’t to be a food critic, but rather, to introduce you to various restaurants in Northern Colorado (and sometimes beyond). I have discovered a lot of places I never knew about before I started this blog, which is something I love to do – discover new things.

Lastly, I am not getting free pho or making any money on this site. In fact, I spend money on this site and the meals! But, if I can expand just one person’s horizon and get them to taste pho for the first time, I am happy. And, that has happened! I have heard from several people who have tried pho because of TacosandPho, and this gives me lots of warm fuzzies.

Now go forth and pho!

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