Ra-ra-ra-ramen: Mt. Asian One, Loveland, Colorado

Raman is not in the name of this blog, but I decided a couple of months ago that it’s my blog and I can do what I want to. Plus, ramen and pho are both hot Asian soups, so sort of similar.

So, with that in mind, let’s talk about ramen. I am by no means an expert on ramen. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had it at a restaurant. (Update: Now, I have had it quite a lot!) However, it would take a lot of fingers to count how many times I’ve made ramen at home. You know, the kind that cost a buck and has a week’s worth of sodium packed into one serving. Yeah, that ramen.

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By the way, one day I will share my friend Sharon’s hack ramen recipe. It’s for cheap, at-home ramen, but tastes better than the stuff that comes in the $1 pack.

I discovered the restaurant Mt. Asian One while on a trip to the Verizon store. It is in the same parking lot and close to my home. Intrigued, I invited my friend Zea to meet me there for ramen.

I didn’t demand that she order ramen, but she did.

My fortune at Mt. Asian One. I thought it was rather good.

Mt. Asian One opened in May 2021. Yes, in the middle of a pandemic. The woman who was working when I visited (I assume it was the owner) said the two hardest things lately were finding employees and high food prices.

Despite the hardships, they’ve already established a fandom, which is good to hear. It’s never easy being in the restaurant business, but right now I feel that I am holding my breath for every mom-and-pop-owned joint out there. I am sure the fact that she is very nice and friendly doesn’t hurt sales either.

I ordered a pot of ginger green tea and the Tonkostu Ramen, which I’ve read is the most common ramen in Japan. Without a doubt, this is the prettiest meal I’ve ever been served. Also, ramen is fun to eat.

I don’t know exactly what I’m doing and I do not always use chopsticks. It depends on if my carpal tunnel syndrome is acting up that day. I do know ramen should be eaten while hot and a diner may slurp I’m sure we didn’t eat it fast enough because we were chatting away, but we both agreed that it was very good.

The space is super bright with big windows and ample seating. Ramen will set you back about $15 to $17. They also have sushi, maki, fried rice and lo mien. We will be back (and update: we have gone back two more times).

By the way, if you like ginger, the tea was tasty and served in a pot so cute that I will need to order it every time I visit.

Mt. Asian One, 1431 North Denver Ave., Loveland, Colorado 80538

Mt. Asian One on Facebook

Now, you want some ramen. I know you do.

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